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About PropertyLinkSM
The WIREdata PropertyLinkSM database contains over 2.6 million real property records, including commercial, residential and vacant land data from 48 Wisconsin counties.

The PropertyLinkSM database can help you find property owners, view property assessment and tax values, research property features, view property sales history and more. The service provides an easy to use query function with the ability to search properties using over 60 different search criteria.
About WIREdata Corporation
A wholly owned subsidiary of the Metro Multiple Listing Service, the WIREdata Corporation is the leading provider of real property and property owner information for the state of Wisconsin. We provide real estate professionals and numerous other users of real property information with up to date real property related information.

WIREdata offers individual 6, 12 and 24-month subscriptions to an enhanced Business Edition of PropertyLinkSM. In addition, WIREdata offers a PropertyLinkSM Library Edition to public and academic libraries for use by their patrons.

For additional information about WIREdata business solutions, please contact us at 414-778-6154, or via email at:
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