Sunday June 16, 2024
PropertyLinkSM Features
Key Features
Comprehensive, Accurate and Current Data
Complete Search Functionality
Fully Customizable User Experience
USPS Standardized and Verified Addresses
Accessible from any Internet Connected Computer
View tax, sales history and property features
Expand Your Target Area
Generate Customized Mailing Lists
Print or Export Mailing Lists
Save Time and Money
Reliable 24/7 Convenience
Concise and Intuitive Reporting
The searching features give you access to find any real property in the 2.6 million records spread across the 48 counties included in the PropertyLinkSM coverage area. With the endless searching possibilities you can create a customized list of properties or find any property by any criteria.
Some of the the Searching features include:
  • Owner Name
  • Address and Address Ranges
  • Zip Code
  • Assessed Value
  • Sales Price
These are just a few of the over 60 fields of searches available.

User Profiles
Upon signing up for the PropertyLinkSM service, every user recieves a User Profile. This User Profile can be used to customize the service to their needs.
With the User Profile you can:
  • Save Counties of Interest
  • Customize Search Results Screen
  • Create and maintain Custom Searches with the Quick Searches feature.
  • Create and maintain Saved Searches.
With these features you can return to your personal working environment in a few easy clicks.
Direct Mailing
Paying high costs to produce mailing lists? Using this tool you can produce a custom mailing list based on any search parameters.
You can produce Mailing Lists in several ways:
  • Output to PDF formatted for Avery 5160 label sheets.
  • Export a standard delimited data file.
  • Custom Data Export allowing specific fields to include in a letter.
With the Direct Mailing features you can create simple mailing merges or produce rich documents detailed to the specific customer.

Enriched Common Data
All of the data available through the PropertyLinkSM is processed to be complete and accurate.
What kind of data is there to offer?
  • Current Owner Name and Address
  • Property Address
  • Taxation History
  • Assessment Value and History
  • Sales History
  • Property Features
  • Legal Description
With the subscription to this service, you would gain access to the most complete and accurate compilation of real estate property information avaialble in Wisconsin.