Monday July 22, 2024
Does your business have the need to gather information on Wisconsin properties, such as current assessed value, tax valuation, property fetaures, owner information or sales history? You may not be aware that this data does not exist in one place. In fact, it is stored in multiple databases and maintained by dozens of individual municipalities.

PropertyLinkSM, the premier tool to Wisconsin Real Estate Information
Do you, or your employees, often spend time calling or taking trips to municipal offices to research property or owner information?
Would you like the abililty to search through Wisconsin property records, across counties and municipalities by almost any information field, to view property and owner information or create customized mailings?
PropertyLinkSM developed by WIREdata Corporation, offers just such a solution.
The WIREdata PropertyLinkSM database contains over 2.6 million real property records, including commercial, residential and vacant land data from 48 Wisconsin counties.
The PropertyLinkSM database can help you find property owners, view property assessment and tax values, research property features, view property sales history and more. The service provides an easy to use query function with the ability to search properties using over 60 different search criteria.
PropertyLinkSM is a premiere real estate research tool, providing an intelligent interface to accessing current and accurate data. The power of this tool comes in many varieties and can be utilized for property research to targeted direct mailing to verification of property ownership.