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Data Scrubbing
Data scrubbing is a process which involves taking data from many different sources of data and adjusting and correcting the data to fit a common format. It also involves comparing the input data to known standards and correcting the data as necessary. WIREdata uses many standards for this data scrubbing, from USPS data to internally developed processes developed in over 10 years of reiterative refinements. In the past 10 years, we have diligently combined and processed the many sources of data that we collect and produced a set of data that is common and uniform throughout the more than 2 million property records currently on file.
Why Data Scrubbing?
  • If you are making a transition from one software package to another, this process will take the data from your old software package and create a format of the data to import into your new software package.
  • Want to integrate multiple sources of data that contain similar data, however are different in the ordering? We can make a common format among the data sources and integrate the data from each into the common format.
Result of Data Scrubbing
  • Produce a singular format of the data, which can be used in data representation systems which have a specified data layout.
  • Name and Address correction greatly improves the data quality and makes for easier searching and mailing capabilities.
  • Many fields which are alphanumerically coded can be reduced to the true description of the coded field. This makes the data more intuitive and removes the need to lookup the codes.
Contact the WIREdata Corporation to find out more information about our highly refined process of data scrubbing and the possibility of working with you on your next data scrubbing project.
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